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A strong business orientation and extensive experience in the multi-jurisdictional patent arena enables us to fully understand how to make your patent portfolio both strong and enforceable at an international level. Regardless of the company, technology or scope of a project, we actively partner with our clients to develop portfolios and applications that help achieve strategic goals, taking into account the company type, market intricacies and industry standards. We offer all of our clients technical skill, business acumen and legal experience as we guide them through the processes and procedures involved in obtaining comprehensive protection for the full life cycle of their patents.

TrizTeck provides a full spectrum of in-house IP services to our clients:

Complete Specification Drafting:

Our expert assists inventors in preparing excellent patent specifications ensuring complete protection. Patent specification defines the scope of protection that is covering the breadth and depth of technology. Claiming a narrow scope of the technology will allow competitors to design around, whereas claiming a broad scope of the technology will endanger the patent application from being objected in the patent examination stage.

The team at TrizTeck understands the patent application process, prosecution rules, recent patent cases and rulings. These skills are critical in writing a good patent application specification that saves time, money, and enables the granting of a strong, effective patent.

We follow a comprehensive approach to encompass all aspects of the invention, including current and future designs and applications, ensuring complete protection.

Office Communication Response Drafting

We work closely with the clients to frame the comments/ arguments corresponding to the examiner's point of view and draft office communication responses. The team also assists the clients in amendments in the claims and draft appropriate technical arguments acceptable by examiner and enforceable under patent law.

Our strategy in drafting technical arguments include:

We have a string of technical specialists who have traversed through the breadth and depth of their respective technology domains to help our patent prosecution team to generate good counter arguments for patent prosecution. We conduct patent prosecution in jurisdictions around the world.


TrizTeck provides high quality Patent and Trademark drawings with an expedited services in all technology areas. We can illustrate utility or design patent, flowchart, or trademark to exceed your standards. We use latest CAD programs, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat Professional, with a quick turn around. We will also make changes to any hard copies you may already have. We are equipped to receive and process requests in various formats including rough sketches, photographs or images, CAD files etc.

Our drawings are complied with 37 CFR 1.84.

Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)

As per the Information Disclosure Statement guidelines issued by various patent offices around the world, it is required to disclose the prior art references that might affect the patentability of the invention seeking patent protection. TrizTeck paralegal help clients in preparation of IDS forms as per the patent office guidelines.

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