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TrizTeck offers a client centric top-notch IP services. We understand new challenges in IP protection and deliver actionable, & intelligent solutions. Our experts will work with you to translate that inventive concept into potentially valuable intellectual property in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our results are meaningful on which you can base your strategic business decisions.

TrizTeck provides a full spectrum of in-house IP services to our clients:

Patent Portfolio Summary/Technical Description Writing

Patent portfolio summaries give an overview of the complete portfolio in a simple and easy to understand language. Generally, these summaries cover application area of the portfolio, practical implementations and potential market. These summaries/technical descriptions are very helpful in finding a good portfolio.

Asset/Patent Categorization

A strong portfolio is a powerful tool in today's competitive market. Patents must be categorized in various categories, which are meaningful to the companies business. We audit complete portfolio and categorize them. Such a categorization allows you to give an insight how the company IP assets are spread across various technology domains. Our domain experts who not only review and categorize each patent into taxonomy categories (defined in consultation with the client) for that sub-technology domain, but also eliminate noise from the patent data set and help in improving the categories according to the technology trends.

TrizTeck team has extensive experience to help you understand the full extent of your portfolio assets.

Patent Assignment Data analysis

Patent ownership is a critical component of patent notice.

Under the current rules, it is impossible to know who owns a particular patent, or what patents a particular entity owns. This "who owns what" problem, which also refer to as "patent recordation failure".An assignment search will identify patents that comprise a company's portfolio. A high concentration of patents in a particular technology may highlight a corporate strength or a focus of new research and development.

We analyze each USPTO assignment transaction and identify patent sale cases. We have developed a methodology to extract data from various public sources and perform analysis. Various in-house developed scripts are used on the extracted data.

Portfolio/Patent Strength Analysis

Assessing Patent Portfolio strength is a complex exercise. It involves a deep understanding of technical strength, commercial potential/strength, the lifetime value of a patent and its legal risks/strengths. While technical strength provides technology edge, commercial strength ensures market dominance and legal strength lowers the risk of litigation. Determining these strengths is difficult, because the relative importance of each may vary, based on the industry sector, technology lifecycle and stage of technology evolution.

There are many ways to determine the strength of a portfolio. TrizTeck experts formulated few basic immutable parameters such as forward citations, the age of patent, claim construction, easy to map in existing technologies, assignment analysis, potential large market and infringers for ranking the patents in a portfolio(s).

In addition, our analysis also helps in assisting clients to identify patents that are directly related to their products/services, potential candidates for licensing, and those technologies that no longer have commercial viability.

Reports provide businesses and experts with a cost-effective and timely method to evaluate the strength, quality and position of portfolios.

Due Diligence

A typical due diligence study usually involves assessing the value of company's IP assets. This is systematic review of all patents, trademarks, copyrights and other IP related issues, which is to be licensed or acquired. TrizTeck experts helps in identifying each property's potential liabilities, potential weaknesses and strengths, logistical information (filing dates, expiration dates, maintenance fees, assignment records, etc.), prosecution history and related prior art, ownership information, and inventorship.

TrizTeck cost and scope for such studies generally vary depending on the nature of the transaction involved, but these diligence studies can be tailored based on the client's requirements.

Claim Charting

TrizTeck experts have developed an expertise in developing 100's of claim charts successfully. These claim charts are prepared keeping in mind the clients objective. We search the market, looking for competitors that may be using your technology. Potential infringement targets are carefully analyzed on a claim-by-claim and element-by-element basis to determine whether infringement is occurring.

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